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West Virginia's DJ Yemi Is Bringing Rap Stars To The City's Growing Music Scene

DJ Yemi is based on the East Coast in Morgantown, Virginia, home to several emerging artists and creatives. Yemi's ambition and drive for music put him in the position to become one of the best DJ's from Virginia. Born in Maryland, the emerging creative was raised around the church and his mother's singing, which exposed him to music at an early age. After initially creating playlists for parties, Yemi built an empire from DJing smaller venues and parties. Fast forward to today, he's shared stages with Outkast, Lil Dickey, Big Sean, Snoop Dogg, and several others.

Yemi grew up inspired by the likes of Afrojack and GOOD Music, who held the throne for a considerably long time. "Watching them listen to their favorite songs is why I started DJing," he points out. Having worked in a number of genres in college like Pop, Hip-Hop, and Rock, Yemi diversified his catalog to standout. "Most random college parties are driven by music and alcohol. I went towards the music," he states. "Started out playing music from iTunes off of my computer not knowing anything about the craft. Now it’s my career."

As time passed by, Yemi went from doing shows with only 100 people in the crowd to nearly twenty-thousand. "No one is bigger than the other. I will always try and make everyone feel like it’s a party," he recites. DJ Yemi's most recent shows include working Yung Bleu and Lil Skies, who recently went on a hot streak doing features. Furthermore, the West Virginia-native gained co-signs from Morgantown Magazine, who named him amongst the top DJ in the state.

"I like college markets or vacation destinations," Yemi points out. Not to mention, West Virginia University is one of his most frequent venues. "Those seem to be more fun because you get all types of different people and they all are in that area to have fun, and have an experience they will never forget!"

Check out his show with Lil Yachty below.


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