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#SpillTheTea TV's New Show + Cypher Series

Atlanta is about to be in for a special treat. An eccentric and inclusive platform that is all about pushing indie culture and music, #spilltheTEA TV has been doing an amazing job with connecting what is already hot in the streets while still being able to put their audience on to something new. With different segments including original interviews, music video releases, Chopping It Up, #spilltheTEA, and Tea in the Streets, founder Teaa Cup has prided herself on being the face of the “resource hub for everything independent.”

But now, Tea is adding a new addition to already wonderful assets with this YouTube channel. While she already periodically hosts a special event called Show + Cypher, where artists can come and battle it out and let the people decide who is the best of the best, now Tea is about to expand on this venture by making a “Show + Cypher” series! This will be a monthly underground event series that serves as a one stop shop for fresh talent looking to develop in all facets of honing their sound, building their fanbase, and getting connected to key industry players.

Well why is this considered important? Tea informs us that by searching through various demographics throughout the country, she is aiming to bring forth the versatility of style and lyrical ability that is cultivated in the thriving “indie” scene of Atlanta. Also with Tea being an Atlanta native herself, we give her a round of applause for striving to find new and active ways to uplift her community.

Artists to be featured on the first episode:

  • Nesha Nycee - St. Louis

  • Queenie LaSoul - Brooklyn, NY

  • Protejay - Brooklyn,NY

  • Suni MF - Atlanta, GA

  • D. Horton - Columbus, MS.

Head to the #spilltheTEA TV on YouTube right now to watch the Show + Cypher series’s first episode and subscribe so you can follow all future releases. Also, don’t forget to follow Teaa Cup on Instagram: @teaacupp_ and Twitter: @teacupp_ for #spilltheTEA updates and announcements. Let’s push the next generation!

Watch the Show + Cypher:


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