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Slater The Genius Invites You To His Neighborhood In "Welcome" Visual

In the age of trap rap and melodic tunes that dominate the charts and streaming platforms, conscious rap seems to be fading out, or maybe we're not looking hard enough? Insert emerging DMV artist Slater The Genius.

Hailing from PG County to be exact, Slater is a lyricist who paints pictures with his vivid wordplay and "Welcome" is the perfect example of that. On his latest track, Slater speaks on the cycle of growing up in the hood and how easy it is to become a product of that system.

The PG county lyricist also emphasizes how we live in a deadly cycle in which the glorification of dead artists has a negative impact and how rap artists aren’t truly recognized for their effort and work until it is too late. 

We love dead artist that's a f-cked up painting, I want my roses everyday of any life n*gga I'm a rose I ain't finna live twice n*gga

The realism of that bar can especially be felt with the recent tragic losses of many cultural icons and young talent in the music industry.

To accommodate the release of a new single Slater dropped a visual for "Welcome." Directed by Anthony Torres, the visual brings something different to the current hip-hop table. Focusing less on guns and drugs, and putting an emphasis on telling a story.

Check out the visual for "Welcome" above and stream the track here.


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