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Rising New Jersey Artist Jay Copes Surprises the Mother Of His Children in "Signs" Visual

Rising New Jersey artist Jay Copes gives us a glimpse of his reality in his video for “Signs.” After Gillie Da Kid premiered the song as “Song of the week” on his Million Dollars Worth of Game Podcast, “Signs” went viral.

On "Signs," Jay Copes professes his love for the mother of his children, highlighting everything that made her the special one. From dates at the mall to her in the emergency room giving birth.

Teaming up with Peter Parkerr, Jay Copes was able to use real-life situations such as courtship and a surprise proposal to the mother of his children to end the visual.

Although Jay Copes is a relatively new artist, a track like "Signs" where he expresses his emotions with great vocals and flow will enable Jay to be around for a long time. Check Out "Signs" below.


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