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Review: PFM Pistol P's Latest Release "Street Scarz"

21-year-old west Baltimore rapper PFM Pistol P has become the talk of his town. After the release of his first single "Guaranteed" in 2017 that has gained over 155k views (and counting), everyone is wondering if he is the new big deal.

In 2018 with P's star rising, he was sentenced to a year in prison. Although he was away, the support from fans never stopped as they started the #FreePistol campaign keeping his name alive. Fast forward to 2020, the Pocket Full Mafia rapper is back with a new 14-track project Street Scarz. Continue reading for an in-depth, track by track review of the project.

Track 1: Hard Times

Intro's are so important for a project; it sets the tone for the project. Although a hard intro doesn't necessarily mean the rest of the project will follow suit, a great intro will have listeners interested. On "Hard Times," Pistol P does just that. Reflecting on tough times growing up all while projecting big things for his future.

I need a big house like mansion / all of my hard times I couldn't help with the bills ma

Great Intro.

Track 2: D Boy (feat ABM Chip)

We 90's Baby but we trapping hard just like the 80's

D Boy, is an anthem for all the dudes who are in the trap or on the block hustling. P & ABM Chip trade verses about their experiences in the field. Although the song is short I found myself running this one back a few times.

Track 3: No Love Lost

Three tracks in and the sequence of the tracks are flowing smoothly. The first two tracks were something to turn up to, on "No Love Lost," Pistol P gets introspective and lets everyone knows that whatever they've done to him he's charging it to the game and keeping it moving. He also shouts out boxing World Champ and Baltimore native Gervonta Davis on this one.

Track 4: Trap Flow

When listening to Pistol P I can't help but think of Atlanta's Lil Baby, not to say P is biting his flow or anything, but the aura that both rappers bring to the track can be felt through the speakers. On "Trap Flow," P brags on his drip and makes it known that if music doesn't work he can always go back to the trap.

Track 5: Gangsta Chick

Having an anthem for the ladies is important. I mean women help sales and streams tremendously, once they make those Instagram stories or Snapchat videos of them singing your song, you're lit. On "Gangsta Chick," P shows love to the woman who's his ride or die. This is one of my favorites on the entire tape.

Track 6: Back Then

No matter how far you've came it's only human instinct that you look back on where you once were to fully appreciate all that you've accomplished. Pistol P does that on "Back Then." From not having much to walking around with "bands" is every young rappers' dream.

Track 7: Brothers

The great Aubrey Graham once said on "God's Plan," "Imagine If I Never Met The Broski's." Pistol P channels similar energy on "Brothers". An anthem for his day ones, P spills out his loyalty for his bros and let's them know just how much they mean to him.

I can never switch. No I can never change. I can't see me with no new people I'm loyal to my gang

Track 8: Trill One

Pistol P understands the importance of making music that ladies can turn up to while remaining true to his sound. Pistol doesn't turn into an R&B singer on these tracks, but he takes a break from the trap talk and and shows appreciation for the "trill" ladies in the world.

Track 9: No Drugs

No Drugs basically explains why rappers indulge in drugs.

I don't usually do no drugs but I'm just sippin on codeine / sippin on codeine to ease the pain

Drug use shouldn't be encouraged especially with the amount of rappers we lose from overdoses, but it may be an underlying issue that we're not speaking enough about. The pain and trauma that a lot of these young men have been exposed to causing them to turn to drugs.

Track 10: Swervin (feat ABM Bub)

Whether you're a trapper or someone who works a 9-5, there has probably been a time where you've had to hit the road in pursuit of the bag. Maybe you've relocated to a new city in search of new opportunities or maybe you're really moving packs on I-95. For whoever you are, "Swervin" can be an anthem for you to chase the money.

Track 11: Drip Set

Every rapper needs a song where they just pop sh-t, "Drip Set" is that song on Street Scarz. This is definitely a track that you can just kick back and vibe too. This my be my favorite beat on the project. It allowed Pistol's melodic flow to really shine.

Track 12: Caution

If "Drip Set" was my favorite beat on the project, "Caution" is my second. The vibe on this is contagious as I was writing this I was nodding my head the whole time. Although P is having fun on this track he is making it well known that he's not the one to run up on.

Talking out your neck we gone leave you where we saw you

Track 13: DIGITS

On "Digits," P counts up the cash and puts a heavy emphasis on keeping any snakes out of his circle. Another guitar heavy beat where P recalls time in the trap, and hitting the road to collect the bag.

I gotta watch for the snakes, I gotta stay on my pivot

Track 14: Cold Nights

I started the review stating how important the intro is, equally important is the outro. A weak outro can undo all the greatness heard throughout the tape. The reason why I feel outro's are so important is because it leaves listeners with exceptions for the next project. On "Cold Nights", P thinks back on his fallen soldiers , sleepless nights, and tears shed.

I love inward-looking tracks like these because we really learn about what makes an artist who they are.


Street Scarz is a solid project, from tack 1 -14, P doesn't disappoint. All that Pistol has endured in his young life can be felt throughout this album. I love artists who know how to infuse melodies with street bars because that's where I feel the game is ultimately heading. While Pistol P is relatively new to the game, he has the ability to turn out great records and I only expect to see him continue to get better with time.

Stream Street Scarz below:


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