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Redbull Presents: Music Industry Perspectives

Back on Tuesday, Oct. 15, Georgia State University was blessed with a treat: a panel of key figures within the world of Hip Hop. Hosted by Sammy Approved, one of Hip Hop's biggest hosts, and Redbull as a kickstarter for the upcoming Redbull Music Festival happening in Atlanta from Nov. 1-14.

We’re creating such a spotlight for our culture.

By being asked to share their expert knowledge in the areas of creative control, branding and advertising, A&R, journalism, Atlanta's music culture, and more, aspiring artists, managers, and journalists got a look into the creative madness behind the music. The panelists included were:

Christina Lee, music writer and critic, Des and B Wright, founders of creative consulting company 6 Degrees (also the managers of Atlanta-based celebrity photographer Gunner Stahl), andKawan “KP” Prather, music executive, A&R, and writer for The Dungeon Family.

From left to right: Sammy Approved, Kawan "KP" Prather , Christina Lee, Des and B Wright

To kick off the discussion, Sammy asked the featured panelists how they got their initial start into the music industry. We learned how Des and B Wright’s clothing line Kreemo was formed after meeting on their first day at Morehouse back in ‘08, how they used Kreemo to help them go from advertising events and custom designs on their former campus to selling merchandise in 11 to 12 different countries, and getting the likes of Wiz Khalifa and Mike WiLL Made It to rock their clothes on tours all through the power of consistent promotion and the spirit of true entrepreneurship.

Next, we learned about Christina Lee’s rise in Music Journalism. From covering concerts to doing exclusive interviews, Lee discussed the importance of being able to understand the chronology of Hip Hop and being able to articulate the transitions of Rap music over time to an audience.

KP gave a full breakdown on learning about the A&R business, product placement in music videos, and directing communications within the industry. He shared how L.A. Reid showing his thirst of always wanting to learn what affects the industry and how that affects people, in turn, helped him “use his super powers [of knowledge] for good.”

Kawan "KP" Prather

This panel helped give audience members a taste of the music industry and what really goes into it; not just developing a brand, but also marketing yourself as a brand. We learned the story of B Wright’s start as an intern at Atlantic Records to KP sharing what qualities he looks for in aspiring artists when trying to get someone signed. Des told the importance of making real life connections, not just trying to get famous through social media clout while Christina gives tips on how to efficiently network (even if you’re an introvert).

Afterwards audience members left with not only a free copy of Redbull Magazine but with a bigger appreciation for the industry after hearing just how much work and how many people it takes to make a star. The biggest takeaway that was given is to “Learn the craft and use the info that is given to you, to your benefit, for your success.”

Photo of special edition Redbull's magazine "The Red Bulletin" given to audience members of the panel


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