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R&B Singer E. Unveils New "Nightmares" Single

Emerging Atlanta singer E. unveils her latest single, "Nightmares." Much like her 2019 EP, Hotel Sessions, E. showcases her introspective lyricism and alluring cries in her expression of love. "Nightmares" invites us to be brutally honest with ourselves about the dark emotions that come up when our soul becomes intertwined with another. The somber melodic tones and haunting lyrics detail all of the intoxicating emotions one experiences when a lover feels right, but also feels very wrong.

E. pours out her soul amid chaos and shifting through her demons, a lesson we all know too well. "Nightmares" signals a new approach for the artist reflecting on the sound introduced to us in her last EP, building on anticipation for what she will do next.

“Everything that happened to me was just fuel for my art—for my lyrics. It gave me something to sing about," she writes. "I’ve grown so much in the past year and some months, now I can put the lessons I’ve learned in life into my music.” Check out the song below.


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