• Tarik Powell

Puddah Shows You How to Trap on Oneway! EP

In mid-October, videographer Oceansfourteenth posted a video he shot for Puddah’s single “Luv My Block.” Upon clicking the link I was treated to the sweetest beat, and a lackadaisical but refreshing flow that made me fall in love too. Enter Puddah’s latest EP Oneway! a definite ode to the innovative sound of Playboi Carti and Pierre Bourne, which has pretty much become a sub-genre in itself. The project is an easy listening experience, perfect for traveling, doing laundry, etc. I mean, no matter what you’re doing, you can put this project on and immediately be transported to outer space. That’s the type of vibe Oneway! delivers.

Puddah seems to have great chemistry with Cor Blanco, who produced the majority of the project. Puddah easily floats on the drugged out, atmospheric sound waves Blanco provides. Not much traditional lyricism on any of the seven tracks, just a straightforward account of a young trap star in the making. I suppose this is the kind of sound codeine provokes. References to drug dealing and wok sipping lace the project in a very slow and slurred manner. “This forty bricks, I need it back/ I’m trappin’ hard I need it back.” A funny line, but unless you deal or have dealt before, there’s not much to dissect here.

Such lyrics would become repetitive, but you’ll get lost in the easy going beats. The EP is about the fun of the lifestyle Puddah puts on display. No statements on what’s wrong or right about it, just an explanation of what it is. It’s a message I welcome in the presence of “conscious” rappers who do the most with messages that were articulated much better by their predecessors.

I don’t ask for much from musicians. I just appreciate cohesive projects. Pick a core sound and theme, and stick to it, while building on it simultaneously on each track. Artists with the deepest of messages fail to meet this challenge all the time. Puddah rises to the occasion, making a deeper impact on the ear by saying less.

Take a listen here. Enjoy!


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