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Lizzo Faces Backlash Following Lakers Game: Just or Not?

This past week, Houston pop star Lizzo appeared at the Minnesota Timberwolves vs. Los Angeles Lakers game. Celebrities go to basketball games all the time which is no big deal, however, the "Truth Hurts" singer arrived in a large black t-shirt with the back of it cut out, showing her rear. Although many of her supporters saw it as a fearless, empowering move, the rest of social media had some questions as to whether or not it was appropriate.

"The level at which Lizzo doesn't give a sh*t is honestly inspiring," illustrator Matt Whitlock writes. If you missed it, the 31-year-old artist was sitting sideline while the cheerleaders were doing a routine to "Juice," one of Lizzo's popular records. Shortly after, the camera panned on Lizzo as she began twerking in a thong. It's definitely one of her most controversial moments!

Furthermore, some feel as if Lizzo was being picked on for her weight while others simply took it as laughs and giggles. "Like that's not body shaming, you just doing too much," TDE's Reason tweets. Elsewhere, another fan tweets "girl what the f*ck." The controversy has since died down like much of fast food culture. Although Lizzo did not directly reply to the comments, she cited Rihanna as her inspiration amongst other things:

Not too long ago, Lizzo faced controversy over the Soul Train Awards. Her Cuz I Love You release won over Ari Lennox's Shea Butter Baby for "Best Album/Mixtape of the Year," causing the Dreamville signee to let go of a lot of frustration via Twitter. It's not the first time a Dreamville artist has been snubbed, in J. Cole's decade in the game, he's been nominated for many Grammy's but yet to take home a single one. Social reacted similarly once again, taking out their anger on Lizzo. However, Ari cleared the controversy with a simple yet purposeful statement: "Stop using my name and my previous rant to bash and body shame Lizzo."

In conclusion, celebrity or not, no one deserves hateful comments containing body shaming or malice language. Although, when you put yourself in the position to catch the attention of many, stuff happens and people have the right to their opinion. As previously mentioned, there were kids and families at the basketball game so covering up would have been nice. It's an occurrence that Lizzo will likely reflect on and grow from.

Moreover, TIME announced Lizzo as their "Entertainer of the Year" for 2019 amidst the discussion. Also, Lizzo recently dropped the visuals for "Good As Hell." The visuals capture her leading a marching band to success on a high school football field. Peep the music video below.


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