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Kaizër Teams Up With Cyril.Mp3 to Drop Tenka (Descent From Heaven)

Charleston, SC artist Kaizër has a style that’s hard to put in a box, and I think that’s the way he likes it. One of the many artist invited to take part in the Amethyst Project earlier this month Kaizër has been busy. With lyrics full of multiple-entandres and pop culture references, Kaizër keeps his music fun while barring you down. Trust me you'll run the project back multiple times to catch what was said.

Dropping off a three-pack, Tenka (Descent From Heaven) is like an appetizer of what Kaizër has to offer, and hopefully what’s to come. With production by Cyril.Mp3, the tracks boast high-energy and are bound to get your head moving. Quick tempos, an eclectic collection of sounds, and lyrics to match are the ingredients for this quick listen.


The first track on Tenka, “Audience” reminds me of the early 2000s. A beat you could attempt to mimic with a couple pencils and the cafeteria table. Kaizër addresses the newfound audience he‘s acquired which is cause for a show. Building demand as they wait for his releases, Kaizër now has to provide the supply.

I ain't really tryna do all that, but I keep shooters round the block and they ready to clap Wasn't really tryna do all that, but now we got a little audience they waiting to clap

Scam Likely:

With a catchy hook, "Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God, oh my God you claiming a nigga fraud, you claiming niggas is fraud" that plays on the annoying 'scam likely' calls I know many of us receive on a daily, this track is another fast-paced one with lyrics to match. Here, Kaizer displays his ability for creative wordplay and double entandres dipping into each pocket of the production. Again, I experience a nostalgic feeling with the production from Cyril.Mp3. While reminiscent of a earlier time in music, his production also embodies a futuristic element; think traveling on a spaceship.


The last track of this project "Move" slows us down just a bit, but Kaizër isn't backing down. A somewhat more menacing tone to match the beat, this song is all about making things happen. Being far from content and stagnant, there are moves to be made to get where he has to be.

Though short in length, there is no shortage of how many times you can run Tenka back. A nice sampler, I'm excited to see what else Kaizër and Cyril.Mp3 will cook up in the future. Take a listen to Tenka below or wherever you stream music:


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