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Jopippins Takes Listeners on a Space Odyssey With New EP, "In Limbo''

Jopippins can’t be categorized as just a rapper. The 22-year-old multihyphenate artist based out of Raleigh, NC describes his sound as “space cowboy music.” You may be wondering what exactly space cowboy music sounds like, but this very specific descriptor will make perfect sense after taking one listen to his latest five-track offering, In Limbo.

Photo courtesy of jopippins

In Limbo serves as a fourteen-minute precursor to jopippins’ upcoming sophomore album Digital Native, which is slated for a summer release this year. However, this EP does not lack in depth despite its brevity. Entirely produced by jopippins himself alongside his DOTWAV Media groupmates Wes Monterey and Gonz, In Limbo is an eclectic mesh of different genres ranging from Alternative Hip Hop to Indie Rock that set an ideal tone for jo’s introspective lyrics about maturation, love, and nostalgia. Keeping the trend from his previous work going, he teeters on the fine line between melodic rapper and singer, which highlights his admirable versatility as an artist.

In the words of jopippins himself, In Limbo is “a space-themed view of jopippins’ journey.” Embark on this journey alongside him and give the EP a quick listen below.


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