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Hook is Carrying the Torch for her Generation with Latest Release “Stand It”

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

It has been an interesting year for underground rap: beats are muddier, the lyrics are darker and more vulnerable, all while being packaged in primal minimalist expressions that make the listener's blood pump with the rhythm. The genre has also reached a peak in irony that suits the general bewilderment of the current human condition.

Sternly stating her vision, Hook’s latest release I Love You Hook further amplifies the stylistic, sarcastic, and straight-forward approach explored in many of this year’s releases. Pulling slightly away from the regional sound of her Bully project from earlier this year, the Riverside native easily slides over dreamy and hypnotic sample driven beats on the project.

Photo Credit: Hook

Photo credit: @ilyhook on Instagram

Earlier this year listening to LUCKI’s Freewave 3, I was intrigued by the style being used wherein the artist gives you very short murmurs that are so relatable you can see the artist’s perspective instantaneously, mostly because you’ve seen it before. Now, in Hook’s music video for “Stand it” we get another realization of that style.

Her voice aggressively serenades the beats while she delivers lyrics that boast a life of strict social autonomy, stemming from the survival mode we’re all forced to assume while on the come up. With honesty as brutal as the bass, Hook’s latest work contributes to the growing voice of women in Hip Hop’s underground, and represents another example of the psychedelic and angsty sound defining the musical output of Gen Z.


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