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For Women, By Women: 5 Tracks You Need On Your Playlist

We're celebrating women all month and beyond! Here are five tracks you need in your streaming library that will have you covered for any situation.

Litty Vuitton - Yessir

I can't tell you how many times I've played this song at full volume since adding it to my library. With a whispery tone, and a style Litty has coined as "Cyber Trap," "Yessir" will have its catchy hook stuck in your head all day. This dreamy track is a nod to the ones who hold everything down and apply the pressure when needed. Check out the single below and Litty Vuitton's project "Cybertrap."

Big gas baby, yessir Open doors, he ain't gon let her Make a call without an answer Baby that's what I call pressure

SunRhè - Trance

If you've been a fan of the songstress for some time then this track may not be new to you, but it is new to the streaming platforms. "Trance" is a sexy, enticing single that feels just as the title suggests. The production will have you under a spell and the lyrics will have you ready to risk it all. Play this for that special someone, or just because it's that good. Stay tuned for SunRhè's EP "Lavender" set to be released soon.

Also, if you're in the South Carolina area, SunRhè will be performing at the 2nd annual Cultura Festival held in Charleston where the headliner this year is Curren$y. Find out more at the link above.

Got me baby, let you infiltrate I can't seem to get you off my brain I been thinking 'bout you all day Tell me is it comfy when you snuggle in deep

PAP Chanel - Busy

Pretty and Paid Chanel is up next and if you didn't know, remember who told you first. The GA rapper drops plenty of fire singles, and "Busy" is just the latest. A different vibe from the above-mentioned songs, this track is all about getting to the money. PAP Chanel has no time to waste on a hater in this hustler's anthem. Take a listen to the track below and stay busy.

I get to a bag, f-ck chasing the clout I sit on a band while they running they mouth I can buy a boyfriend if I want to And it might be yours, what you gon do?

SPRTYK - Flourish

I'm so happy I was introduced to this artist by chance. Although SPRTYK doesn't put out much music, it's all very intentional because when she does, believe me, you want to have it in your library. "Flourish" is that feel-good single that can be the pick-me-up if you need it, or if you just need to remind everyone, maybe even yourself, of who you are. This definitely won't be the last time you hear me mention this artist. For now, just stay tuned.

Let your good nails flourish in a b-tch face Let your good hair flourish in a b-tch face Middle finger in a face, f-ck whoever hate Bad chick contest you in first place

Doja Cat - Streets

Can I start by saying, I'm so happy Doja is getting her shine? She had great songs prior to "Mooo" catching fire, but either way, I'm happy we're here. "Streets" was a song I immediately added to my playlist when I first heard "Hot Pink." This one's all about holding onto the one you've got because someone like them doesn't come around often. Doja is a multi-talented artist and this song is a great example of what she can do. You can also click the link and see her live performance of the track with Vevo Lift.

Damn papa, you a rare breed, no comparing And it's motherf-ckin' scary Tryna keep him 'cause I found him Let a ho know I ain't motherf-ckin' sharing


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