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Daewoo.$ Drops "No Reason" Featuring Lil Daddy

Now more than ever, we are relying on artists to give us something else to focus on other than what's outside. His third single this year, Daewoo.$ teamed up with Lil Daddy to drop "No Reason" and it's just as the title implies.

A flip on an old school cut, the beat is slowed and trance-like almost as if it will have you doing things for no reason. Daewoo.$ glides effortlessly on the production as the octave goes higher with each verse, you almost feel compelled to do the same. There is no explanation for his actions as Daewoo.$ lists off a number of things he's done, "I just downed a 40 for no reason. She just gave me top on the couch for no reason. Can't trust these niggas and hoes 'cause they all change with the seasons. Live out The Met with my bro disrespect you might just stop breathing." Lil Daddy's bassy vocals give the track a chopped and screwed feel with his slowed flow.

Representing Columbia, SC, also known as 'The Met', Daewoo.$ is an artist who can't and shouldn't be confined to one genre. Take a listen to "No Reason" below and the rest of Daewoo.$'s catalog.


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