• Ebonee Bailey

Atlanta Streetwear Market: Creative Corner Recap

We were able to get a look into the Atlanta Streetwear Mart latest installment, the Creative Corner, an organization dedicated to creating “a social outing for creatives of all backgrounds to meet, collaborate, and network.”

Every installment that ASWM conjures up creates a beautiful and safe space for artists, writers, photographers, designers, and all welcomed others to connect with other creatives, draw up inspirations for their next big idea, or simply those looking for a Saturday night vibe.

While hearing tunes from SahBabii, Neptunes, and Brent Faiyaz, you can look around the walls and you might see a 3-D drawing of Playboi Carti, stills of Action Bronson and Wiz Khalifa, or you might see a watercolor train. We ran into a mini art exhibit of Culture Clocks™ which owner @shapermakercreator proudly proclaims that although they may resemble some of Virgil Abloh’s works, he’s had this creative touch way before Abloh’s exhibit ever came out. And right beside Culture Clocks was IS Studio’s T-Shirt line for display and for sale.

Artists that were involved with the showcase include: MIGGS, Sebatian Aguilar, Sekou Thornell, Kye Sams, Ashley Yvette Glasco, GIRLWITHNIKON, Banvoa, Patricia Morency, BSIDES+, and Shot By 50.

Creative Corner came through to show us the importance of pure self-expression and we were blown away with the young, underground creative scene has to offer, and to say the least. I also find that ASWM installments are not just important to the streetwear crowd; it’s important to shed a light on the Atlanta creative youth because, believe it or not, we are a fresh and effective market that still is underrepresented and under-supported.

And it wasn’t just the artwork that brought this event to life, it was the guests too.

Get your calendars ready because ASWM has announced their Spring 2020 installment which will take place on April 26th at Ambient Studios! Check the flyer below for more information and stay in the know by following Atlanta Street Wear Market on Instagram.


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